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Resting Charlotte Necklace

Resting Charlotte Necklace

A little piece of morbid Victorian charm, These little dolls are known as a “frozen Charlottes” in the United States - they were mass produced between 1850-1920 and were a cheap, popular toy, costing as little as 1 penny each.


Frozen Charlotte gets her name from a poem written by Seba Smith in 1843. It was inspired by the true story of a young woman in upstate New York who refused to bundle up against the January cold and froze to death in an open sleigh on her way to a New Year’s ball.


Resting Charlotte is created with an authentic antique porcelain Charlotte, excavated from the grounds of an old doll factory in Germany. She is set in a carefully fabricated sterling silver coffin.


-Coffin measures ~ 20x10x40mm

-sterling coffin and chain

-22” chain with lobster clasp


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