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Lilac Edition Micro Flower Press and Earring Set

Lilac Edition Micro Flower Press and Earring Set

Functional micro flower press locket, hand fabricated in golden jeweler's brass and featuring sterling silver lilac flowers


Delicate sterling silver lilac drop earrings to match


Press measures 35x50mm

Comes with 10 sheets of reusable herbarium blotter paper

Offered with or without a sterling silver chain, choose from drop down menu


See Add-On listing and Companion Wrench listing if you would like to include the bumblebee companion wrench charm with your press, or add extra sets of paper, a stamped inscription, or pre-pressed flow




*Current preorders are expected to ship out in September*


This piece is completely hand fabricated - each flower is individually drawn, sawn out of silver sheet and detailed by hand. This means that I will do my best to recreate this design faithfully, but each press may vary slightly from the image pictured. Thank you for supporting handmade!

    Current Preorders are expected to ship in September, stay tuned for tracking update by email
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